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Experiencing discomfort from itchy rashes or bug bites? Heat Solution has the ultimate solution for you! If you’re dealing with these discomforts or if concerns have arisen among your family, our hassle-free inspection is your initial step towards relief. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and bid farewell to bed bugs within just one day!

Peace of Mind with Heat Solution: Your Reliable Bed Bug Exterminators

Our 100% guarantee of bed bug removal, proven bed bug treatment by heat method, and serving both homes and commercial spaces make us one of the top bed bug companies in the Mississauga and the GTA.

Your Safe Haven: Heat Solution’s Guaranteed Bed Bug Elimination





  • Heat Treatment, heat applied to all areas of bed bug concentration
  • The treatment involves heating a room or entire building to a high temperature, for a period of time. This causes the bed bugs to die, and the heat also kills any eggs or nymphs that may be present.
  • Non-toxic for humans and pets
  • 90-day warranty included
  • Heat +Chemical
  • 60-day warranty included
  • Bed bug insecticides
  • 30-day warranty included
  • This product is safe and non-toxic for both humans and pets
  • Bed bug insecticides
  • No warranty included.
  • This product is safe and non-toxic for both humans and pets

Suspicious of bed bugs?

Rest assured with our commitment to success using our heat treatment method—we guarantee a 100% success rate in eliminating bed bugs. Benefit from our same-day free inspections, a unique offering among bed bug removal companies. Unlike others, Heat Solution specializes solely in bed bug removal. Our tailored approach includes four budget-friendly packages and years of expertise in resolving bed bug issues in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. Choose Heat Solution and bid farewell to bed bugs confidently.

Don’t let bed bugs come back!

Eliminate bed bugs effectively once and for all! Our bed bug heat treatment promises a complete extermination with a 100% success rate. Our method is straightforward: one treatment, meticulously done, and bid farewell to bed bugs for good. Using heat, we efficiently eliminate bugs from your belongings—be it carpets, clothing, mattresses, or any corner of your property. We’re so confident in our process that we offer a 120-day warranty*. Share your experience online! At Heat Solution, our aim is not just eradicating bugs; we prioritize your bug-free satisfaction.

Rely on Heat Solution for an uncomplicated, efficient solution that ensures a bug-free space in the long term. Our chemical-free process allows you to return home the same day, ensuring convenience. Avail our same-day bed bug removal service for swift relief. Moreover, seniors can benefit from a 10% discount, ensuring our services are accessible to everyone. Choose Heat Solution, the trusted experts in bed bug removal, and witness the difference.

Take the first step to a bed bug-free life

The Heat Solution Bed
Bug Heat Treatment Process

Free Inspection: Schedule an appointment for a free inspection. Our experts will assess the level of infestation and recommend the most effective treatment method.

Preparation: We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to prepare for the heat treatment. Follow them carefully to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Heat Treatment: Our team will complete the heat treatment in just one day. We use advanced technology to maintain a temperature above 115 °F, effectively killing bed bugs at all stages of life.

Follow-Up: Two weeks after the treatment, we will follow up with you to ensure that all bed bugs have been eliminated. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Why Choose Heat Solution?

Tried and Tested Methods

Unlike other companies that use toxic pesticides, we have developed a proven heat treatment method that quickly and effectively kills bed bugs. Say goodbye to those pesky critters in just one day!

Safety First

We prioritize the safety of you, your family, and your pets. Our heat treatment method is completely safe and non-toxic, unlike harmful chemicals that can damage your property and pose health risks.

Comprehensive Elimination

Bed bugs are notorious for hiding in every nook and cranny of your home, from your carpets to your mattresses. Our heat treatment reaches every corner, ensuring that no bed bug goes unnoticed. We even have specialized equipment to penetrate small crevices that are difficult to inspect.

Expertise and Experience

With over two decades of experience serving clients in the GTA, our team has seen it all. We know exactly how to spot and eliminate bed bug eggs, preventing future infestations and giving you peace of mind.

One-Time Solution

Unlike other methods that require multiple treatments, our heat treatment is a one-time solution. We guarantee that all bed bugs will be eliminated, and we back it up with a 60-day warranty that can be extended to 120 days.

Your Reliable Bed Bug Removal Experts in Mississauga

At Heat Solution, we deliver efficient and guaranteed solutions specifically designed to rid you of bed bugs. Our specialization lies solely in one thing: eliminating bed bugs. This exclusive focus on bed bug removal, coupled with our proven heat treatment method, distinguishes us from others in the field.

Trust Heat Solution as your dedicated experts in bed bug removal. Benefit from our same-day inspections, chemical-free processes, and a 10% discount catered to seniors. Don’t let bed bugs disturb your peace of mind any longer. Contact Heat Solution today for a hassle-free solution and embrace the confidence of a bed bug-free life.

Discover the Heat Solution Difference

At Heat Solution, we differentiate ourselves from other bed bug companies across Canada by standing firmly behind our commitment to provide the most effective and dependable bed bug removal services. Our unwavering confidence in the quality of our work reflects in our robust warranty and guarantee.

We assure a guaranteed bed bug treatment, promising prompt retreatment at no extra cost if bed bugs persist within the warranty period. Opt for our Platinum package, which boasts an industry-leading 100% extermination guarantee, reaffirming our dedication to delivering lasting results. Additionally, through client testimonials, we extend the warranty period to an impressive 120 days. Your peace of mind is our utmost priority, and our comprehensive warranty underscores our commitment to ensuring your home remains bed bug-free long after our treatment is completed.

Heat Solution Gets Rid of Bed Bugs


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A Solution is Found

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The technician will give you instructions on how to prepare for the treatment


Bye Bye Bed Bugs

On treatment day, the chosen method will be used and the bed bugs will be gone

Secure Your Loved Ones’ Haven with Heat Solution

Relax with Peace of Mind at Heat Solution – Your Leading Bed Bug Removal Specialists in Mississauga

Heat Solution sets itself apart by focusing exclusively on bed bug solutions among the myriad of bed bug control services. This specialized dedication empowers us to become industry experts, armed with cutting-edge knowledge and techniques to effectively combat these bed bugs.

Commercial Bed Bug Treatment in Mississauga

Commercial Bed Bug Treatment in Mississauga

Why Choose Heat Solution for Bed Bug Removal in Mississauga?



Tailored Bed Bug Solutions: Choose from Four Customized Packages and Enjoy a 10% Senior Discount!

With extensive experience, we’ve successfully resolved some of the most severe bed bug problems in Mississauga and surrounding areas. Our team comprises fully bonded, insured, and licensed professionals, ensuring your peace of mind. By choosing Heat Solution, you’re selecting a local expert well-versed in the distinctive challenges posed by bed bug infestations in this area.

Expert Bed Bug Solutions in Mississauga

With years of experience, we’ve seen and solved the worst bed bug problems in the Greater Toronto Area and Mississauga. Our team of professionals is fully bonded, insured, and licensed to ensure your peace of mind. When you choose Heat Solution, you’re selecting a local expert who understands the unique challenges of bed bug infestations in the area.

Say goodbye to bed bugs with confidence by choosing Heat Solution. Our proven heat treatment method, specialization, affordable packages, and dedicated team ensure that you receive the best bed bug removal service in Mississauga.

Contact Heat Solution today for swift, effective, and hassle-free bed bug removal, guaranteed to restore the peace of mind you deserve. Take the initial step towards a bed bug-free life by calling us now. We’re dedicated to providing prompt and guaranteed relief, allowing you to reclaim your bug-free space without delay. Reach out to Heat Solution for a worry-free solution and witness the difference—say goodbye to bed bugs with just one call to your trusted experts.

In summary, Heat Solution is more than a bed bug removal service; we are your partners in establishing a bed bug-free, comfortable living space. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, proven methodologies, and comprehensive packages solidify us as the prime choice for bed bug removal in Mississauga. Experience the Heat Solution difference—call us today for a complimentary inspection and take the first step towards uninterrupted, peaceful sleep.